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TCS Light on Honda Accord [5 Common Causes & Fix]

From my personal experience as a Mechanic, Honda Accords are quite reliable but they can also be a bit finicky when it comes to the TCS (Traction Control System).

If you are getting a TCS and a Check engine light simultaneously, then this article is for you. Here, I will be going over some of the most common causes of this issue and how to fix it!

What Does the Honda Accord TCS Light Mean?

In short, the TCS stands for Traction control system, and it’s a feature on your Honda that Assists with traction only on slippery roads or sharp corners.

The TCS light will illuminate if there is a problem with the system itself or with any of the sensors that help to determine when traction control should be activated.

When this happens, you may notice that your Accord starts to feel like it has less power than usual, especially when you are trying to accelerate from a standstill.

How Does Honda Accord Traction Control System Work?

When TCS detects that a front wheel is spinning faster than the others, it applies the brakes to slow down that wheel.

The speed and traction are monitored by the Traction control system, and the system adjusts the brakes to keep all four wheels moving at approximately the same speed.

If you are driving on an icy or slippery surface, TCS will activate automatically and apply brakes to one or more of your wheels.

What Causes the TCS Light on a Honda Accord

There are a couple of reasons why the TCS light comes on your Honda Accord. I will list the causes based on how often they cause the TCS light to come on. This list is not exhaustive, but it’s a good start.

1. Bad Brake Light Switch:

This is located under the steering column of your Honda Accord and is responsible for telling your car’s computer how much pressure you are applying to the brake pedal.

If it malfunctions or if it becomes damaged due to wear and tear, this can cause your Honda Accord to display TCS lights.

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2. Faulty ABS Sensor:

If there is a fault with your ABS (Anti Lock braking system) sensor, it will cause the TCS light to come on.

The reason why this happens is that the ABS sensor helps determine how much braking power needs to be applied by each wheel when you step on the brake pedal.

3. Worn Wheel Speed Sensor:

If the wheel speed sensor is not functioning properly, it can cause your Honda Accord to display TCS lights.

The reason why this happens is that the wheel speed sensor relays information about how fast each wheel is rotating during braking and acceleration.

4. TCS Switch:

This is a relay switch that tells your Honda Accord’s computer if the TCS system is activated or not. If it malfunctions, this can cause your Honda Accord to display TCS lights when you apply the brakes.

5. Bad MAP Sensor:

The MAP sensor measures the air pressure in the intake manifold to determine how much fuel is needed for combustion. If your Honda Accord is not getting enough airflow, it will cause the TCS light to come on.

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How to Fix Honda Accord TCS Light

Since the TCS is caused by one or more of the malfunctioning of the above-mentioned components,

I recommend taking your Honda Accord to a qualified mechanic or a dealer to have them replace the failing component/s.

The Good news is all these are relatively inexpensive and simple tasks that a qualified mechanic can do.

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